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Neural Therapy

Neural therapy is used for hormonal dysfunction, thyroid disorders, menstrual issues, infertility, pelvic floor disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, neuropathic pain, allergies, and to support detoxification.  The therapy consists of injecting anesthetics into tissue to stimulate and restore proper cellular function and to facilitate elimination of cellular waste.

Neural therapy was originally developed in Germany as a way of stimulating under-functioning nerve and glandular tissue.  Tissues in the body are injected with a local anesthetic that has the ability to reset cell membranes and can facilitate elimination of metabolic waste, which results in increased output and function of the tissues.

Neural therapy has also been expanded to include injection into scars and acupuncture meridians in an effort to restore blood flow and decrease lymphatic congestion.  Physical and cellular traumas can result in scar tissue formation and can impair nerves and/or acupuncture meridians, which disrupts communicate both up and down stream from the tissue. Neural therapy can improve blood flow and cellular communication while decreasing cellular toxicity and inflammation in the body.

Neural Therapy is the injection of scars to free adhesions that are impairing nerve and acupuncture meridians. It is also used to normalize the function of various nerve plexus in the body.

The Germans were the first to recognize the issues of nerve transmission interruption due to scars and adhesions. They began to treat scars by injecting them with local anesthetic to break up the adhesion net created by the healing response. They found that many muscle and joint pains resolved completely by just addressing scar tissue.

The evolution of neural therapy included the injection of nerve plexuses with local anesthetic to reset their cell membranes. Once these nerves were injected, the nerve transmission was restored to normal, alleviating pain and associated downstream physiology.

One of the most profound nerve plexus injections is called the Frankenhauser plexus (inferior hypogastric plexus) injection. The treatment seems to ‘wake-up’ the nervous tissue in the pelvis.

This injection has shown particularly amazing results in both men and women. More specifically, it is excellent for:

  • Bilateral hip pain (that gets worse with menstrual cycles) that has been unresponsive to treatment in the past.
  • Endometriosis
  • Pelvic pain
  • Any menstrual issues (heavy flow, excessive pain, severe cramping, irregular cycles, etc.)
  • Infertility of unknown origin
  • Adhesions from the scars of hysterectomies and c-sections

The number of treatments done with neural therapy depends upon the response of the patient; however it is very common to require 1-3 sessions to receive the maximum benefits.


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